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Massage. . . Your Mini Vacation from Stress

When the stress and strain of everyday living gets to be too much, you need a vacation. A vacation that you don't have to plan. One that doesn't leave you with a lot of bills to pay. And one that leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed, instead of needing another vacation.

Massage is one of the more affordable mini vacations from stress. And as with any vacation you need to be prepared, so that you will get the most out of your time and money.

First realize that you are purchasing the services of a professional. And that while the therapist is the expert, you are the boss. If you have any concerns and/or physical ailments, be sure to discuss them with the therapist. If you have special music that you would like to listen to during your massage, be sure to bring your own tape or tell the therapist what you would like to hear.

When on the table you can begin your relaxation by closing your eyes and centering on your breathing. Take several cleansing breaths in and out. Let your thoughts wander wherever they want to, not focusing on anything in particular, just drifting.

If you notice that the therapist is using too much or too little pressure let him or her know. If there is a part of your body that needs more work (such as your back, neck or shoulders) make sure to tell your therapist in advance so extra time can be spent on that area.

After your massage, come back to reality slowly, savor the last few moments of deep relaxation. Then take an inventory of your body from the inside out. In your mind, go over all the areas of your body that felt stressed just a short while ago. Make a note of how they feel now, so that when you start to get stressed again, you can call up that feeling of rest and relaxation.

Throughout the week you will find that you are calmer, happier, more relaxed. You may even find yourself planning your next massage mini-vacation!

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